An AMAZING Angelic Love Story!!

Let me preface this wonderful love story – My introduction to the young lady that has written the text below was through her mother, who purchased a large 3 piece angel from me some while back. As I was selling it to her I said, “don’t be surprised if something good happens as a result of this Angel in your house, no guarantees BUT I have had several stories fed back to me from clients on such matters!”

She looked me up some time later at an art show and told me of the most wonderful event that occurred as she was hanging the last of the 3 angel pieces.

Below is the order of events…


Trent and I first met six years ago on Memorial weekend in Lake Arrowhead through a mutual friend. At the time we were both in relationships with other people, but we remained friends. We’d write to each other to keep in touch, sending well wishes and Happy Birthday messages to each other every year. I had always hoped that I’d run into Trent on a set or at an audition (since we’re both pursuing acting in LA), but it never happened.

When I bought my ‘Love’ Angel from you, I was going through a lot of changes in my life. Personally, I was feeling frustrated and defeated, especially when it came to love. When I saw the Angel in your booth, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She was beautiful, and looking at her gave me peace in my heart and comfort I couldn’t really describe. I felt like she was letting me know that everything was going to be okay, even though I didn’t fully believe it at the time.

I had recently moved into a new apartment, and my Mom was there to help me unpack and organize my things. A few days beforehand, I had received a message out of the blue from Trent, asking how my family and I were doing. He was on location shooting at the time, but wrote that when he was back in town he would love to meet up with me. I was ecstatic and giddy! I also had a hard time believing that after all those years, he was actually asking to see me again. I couldn’t believe it. I was talking to my Mom about Trent as she was hanging my Angel, saying how unreal it was to think I’d maybe have the chance to see him face to face! I had always admired him as a person, and I really liked him when we first met. I had always hoped I’d see him again; it wasn’t until he and I met, that I learned he had felt the same way about me the whole time. As my Mom was hanging the third and final piece of my Angel (the left wing), I told her, “Who am I kidding, he won’t call me”. Within seconds, my phone rang. It was Trent calling. I jumped up out of my chair and tried to catch my breath to answer the phone. We talked on the phone for six hours that day, and decided to meet up the next day- March 20th (the first day of Spring). It was so fitting; the perfect symbol of new life. Trent and I met up that day, and have been together (and inseparable) ever since! Just a few days ago we celebrated our six month anniversary.

We now have my ‘Love’ Angel hanging in our bedroom. We adore her. She is so significant to us and our love. Thank you for your art. Trent says Thank you, as well! I’m sure we will see you again.
Natalie Cohen & Trent Ford

The triple angel is seen in this display on the left…


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